Air-conditioning Inspection at Leamington Mazda

In order for your air-conditioning to function at its best your car must have regular air-conditioning inspections and service. If you don't regularly use your cars air-conditioning the system can build up with dust, bacteria and mold - not pleasant. Using your air-conditioning often will cause a need to change what is called the pollen filter who's job it is to block the dust and grit that gets pushed through the system doing this will ensure that the air entering your car is fresh and clean.

Our fully-trained technicians check:

  • Full visual inspection of all functional elements;
  • An inspection for leaks;
  • Replacement of air-conditioning refrigerant;
  • Recharging to recommended levels, adding fresh system oil as necessary;
  • Air-conditioning cleaner to clear bacterial build up and remove any unpleasant smell.

This is what's involved as part of your Leamington Mazda air-condition service. For more information on what is involved and when you are able to get this completed please contact Leamington Service team today.

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