Free 34 Point Visual Health Check

Your car is something that you need to make sure is safe to drive so why not come in for a free check?

If anything is wrong, we will know and you will know

Your car may not be ready for a full service yet, but you still want to be sure that everything's working right. After all, the effects of wear and tear are not always obvious. Our FREE 34 - point, Express Visual Check will put your mind at ease, as it covers all the potential problem areas, from brakes to suspension, plus your fluid levels. Consider it a 'Top to Tyre' health check.

Just a few of the benefits:

  • Free 34 point visual inspection
  • Detailed report for your records
  • Free advice from our Service Advisors
  • Carried out by manufacturer-trained Technicians

At no cost this is a fantastic way of having some peace of mind motoring. And we don't just look after Mazda or Suzuki.. Whatever make or model your car is, we will look at it to make sure your car is safe on the road.

Book today by filling out the enquiry form or for further information please call us on Coventry Suzuki - 02476 639100

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