The countdown is on! Seven days and counting, MG Motor UK will be unveiling its all-new SUV to attendees of the London Motor Show.

The British brand decided that the London based car show was the ideal platform to unveil its new SUV, the MG GS.

Following a succesful informative MG tour around the UK MG will be adding to this by announcing further teases about the car at the London event, which is sure to generate more interest in this exciting new model.

Matthew Cheyne, Head of Sales and Marketing for MG, said: “Next week will be a really exciting moment for us, as we’re getting closer to launching this fantastic car into the market. Members of the public are finally getting the chance to get their hands on the UK model and see for themselves what an outstanding car this is.

“We’re extremely proud of the GS, so we’re looking forward to unveiling it and speaking to attendees of the event about how easily it will fit into their lifestyle. I can assure potential customers that it will be consistent with the MG-family pricing strategy.”

Those attending the motor show will see MG’s latest range in the central display area in Battersea Park. Tickets are £15 and the event runs from Friday 6 May until Sunday 8 May.

Here at Coventry MG we will be organising a launch event to showcase tis exciting new model from MG, SO WATCH THIS SPACE!

If you want to receive updates on the MG GS, find out when the new brochure is available or when you can get your hands on a GS, register your interest call Coventry on 02476 639100 or click below to recieve an ivite to our launch event, where you can get up close and personal with the GS itself.

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