Car Finance Plans from Green 4

A vehicle is a significant investment for many of our customers. The options you have when choosing to finance a new or Approved Used car can be quite varied. This flexibility is a welcome advantage for budget-conscious drivers, yet can make it harder to come to a decision.

Green 4 Motor Company is here to help you sort through the alternatives and find the most suitable type of car finance. We represent Mazda, Suzuki and MG, and offer a range of competitively-priced cars with dealer-specific promotions and deals.

The most popular finance agreements include:

  • Personal Contract Purchase
  • Personal Contract Hire
  • Hire Purchase
The right finance plan will make it simpler to manage the monthly payments on the car you want. On some agreements, you simply hire the vehicle for a set period, and with others it is possible to own the car at the end.

Click through to read more about finance plans. Support in finding and financing a car is always available from Green 4 Motor Company dealerships in Coventry, Leamington & Stourbridge.

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