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More of the Mazda you know and love, only this time electric. The all-new Mazda MX-30 brings effortless style, a great drive and all the benefits that come with electric power in one complete package.

Keep reading below to see what the UK’s biggest car journalists had to say about their time with the all-new Mazda MX-30 ahead of the UK launch in early 2021.

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"The driving position is marvellous. There’s plenty of steering wheel adjustment and the First Edition model we tried comes with a really comfortable, powered driver’s seat with memory settings and lumbar adjustment included."

"If you still think Volkswagen builds good interiors, check out the MX-30’s. The eclectic mix of materials it uses includes recycled bottles for the door trims, cork inlays (yes, cork) for the storage trays on the centre console, and ‘vegan’ leather and recycled denim. We know that doesn’t necessarily sound like luxury, but in the flesh it looks fab…"


“Torque-map and touch points all contribute to this eerily familiar sensation. The motor control pedal (the one under your right foot - there's little pretence of 'one-pedal driving' here, though it's got the ability to come close) is a floor-hinged, organ style one that's long, supportive and very, very progressive and controllable. It's the kind of detail that contributed to the lazy, unhurried style of driving that a big old Mercedes would encourage, and it makes driving the MX-30 a real pleasure.”

"The MX-30 does not drive like a typical electric car - and in the process, it doesn't consume charge like a typical, hot-off-the-line EV either. Perhaps there's more to this 'smaller battery' idea after all."

"if you're concerned about 124 miles because you know a 250-mile EV really gives 150 miles, you should give the MX-30 a chance - the way it delivers and uses power, and has been carefully tuned to keep you involved rather than remote, means it's more likely to deliver that full range."

All-new Mazda Mx-30
All-new Mazda MX-30 Image


‘The MX-30 undoubtedly has much going for it. It’s Stylish, well-equipped, refined, classy and competitively priced.’

‘Neat touches abound, with the use of stylish cork trim and environmentally friendly seat material, creating a classy, comfortable cabin.’


Now available to pre-order, the exclusive First Edition of our all-new Mazda MX-30 electric car. Be among the first to own and drive this all-electric launch model and receive a free wall box charger for convenient home charging.^

Launching in March 2021, Mazda MX-30 First Edition will be priced from £27,495^^

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