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Independent Review on the Mazda MX-5 RF

At Leamington Mazda we are proud of our brand and we wanted to get an independent review of the award winning Mazda MX-5 RF so we contacted our local Golf Pro Mr Mark Dulson who took the RF for the weekend and put it through its paces! How did he get on....? on....!

" We had the pleasure of driving a Mazda MX-5 RF for a long weekend....we used it for a number of varied journeys including to and from the super market, work, the school run and to the golf course!

On the outside this model looks aggressive from the front and sporty from the side with a warm, solid metal, fully convertible roof.

With bigger alloy wheels than on previous models of the MX-5 making this car look impressive...

On the inside I was initially worried about the space being tight but actually when you are sat inside you have copious leg room and plenty of space around you for what you would use this type of car for.

The seats are extremely comfortable and have a number of configurations for height, recline and even heat!

The dashboard layout and the feel of the cockpit is that of a car twice the price.

The infotainment and communications functions are state of the art and once you get used to using either the touchscreen or the hand dial its easy to navigate through all the options available.

A touch of a button opens the convertible roof and the navigation system is excellent.

The driving experience is everything you'd expect and more, the engine is powerful enough to remind you that you're in a sports car but quiet enough to not wake the neighbours when you start it up in the mornings!

All in all a great little sports car! "