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Mandatory MOTs to be reintroduced from 1st August

Mandatory MOTs for vehicles will be reintroduced from 1 August, the government has said.

Due to COVID-19, since 30 March, owners of cars, vans and motorcycles have been eligible for a six-month exemption. However, with garages reopening and growing safety concerns, the government is urging drivers to have their vehicle tested.

What has changed?
If your vehicle's MOT is due to expire on or after 1st August 2020, your MOT certificate will not be extended. This means that you will need to book your vehicle in for an MOT test, just as you would before lockdown.

I was granted a 6 month MOT extension, what do I have to do now?
If your MOT as due between 30th March and 31st July 2020, you will still be allowed the remainder of your 6 month extension For example if your MOT was due on 1st April 2020, it will not be due until 1st October 2020.

What if my MOT was due before 30th March?
If your MOT was before this date, then you were not granted the 6 month extension and must get your vehicle tested immediately.

I was granted the 6 month extension, but would prefer to have my test as soon as possible?
At any point during your 6 month extension you are able to book an MOT test, we would recommend that you do this as soon as you can.

How much does an MOT cost?
Pricing can vary depending on whether you are servicing your vehicle, as a rule of thumb we charge £54 for an MOT.

How do I check when my MOT Expires?
The fastest and easiest way to check when your MOT is due, is to use the government MOT history check tool.

How do I book at MOT?

  • Online Booking - Book your MOT online easily by visiting our booking page and entering your details. Simply choose your site and fill put a contact form.
  • Telephone Booking - If your would prefer to book your MOT over the phone, then give our friendly bookings team a call. Find your nearest site.