What is a pre-reg or nearly new car? | Coventry & Leamington | Green 4 Motor Company

What are pre-registered cars?

A pre-registered car (pre-reg) or what we may also call a nearly new car, is a car which has never been owned or driven by a customer, and registered by us.

Once a car has been registered it automatically becomes a used car, even if it has never been driven and only has delivery mileage on it.

As this can no longer be sold as a new car and a used car, there are significant customer savings available to get a "nearly new" car for the cost of a used car.

Advantages of pre-registered cars?

  • Discounts can make it cheaper than buying a new car
  • Instant availability to take home

What's the difference between a pre-reg and an ex demo?

A pre-reg car may be classified as a used car, although it has never been driven by anyone except for deliver, just like a new car. An ex demo has often been used as a demonstration car for customers to take a test drive, or even could have been a company car for the sales team.