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Say Hello to the new Suzuki SWACE, Suzuki's latest Hybrid offering

A smooth ride, plenty of space and the a pure EV mode make the SWACE an excellent car to drive.


Meet the Suzuki SWACE Hybrid, Suzuki's answer to reduced emissions while retaining performance and practicality. It is without doubt that the appearance of the new SWACE is striking and won't go unnoticed on the road. The front of the car has an aggressive snarl, while the rear of the car has sporty cues with a rear boot spoiler. The black plastic on the car looks incredibly bold with the white paint colour which is noticeable across the entire car. 

There are a few key facts you need to know about the Suzuki SWACE to get started:

  • Priced from £27,499.
  • 1.8L Engine + Electric Motor and Battery.
  • 596L Luggage Space
  • CVT Automatic Gearbox

Driving the SWACE

The Suzuki SWACE's CVT automatic gearbox ensures an impressive smooth transition between petrol and electric drive, it's almost that good you can't tell which drive mode the SWACE is in. As it is a Hybrid, the electric motors primary job is to engage when you are driving at lower speeds, usually under around 20 mph. You will notice that as soon as you reach higher speeds, the engine will engage to assist with acceleration and power. This is one of the reasons why you can achieve greater Mpg with a hybrid, since starting the car from a complete standstill is usually one of the tasks which uses the most fuel.

The car itself feels planted, and the steering is relatively light, which makes for effortless zipping across lanes when required which is refreshing to see with an estate car of this size. This may be perspective, however when you are in the driving seat of the SWACE, it does not feel like you are driving a boat, it has more in common with how a hatchback may behave on the road.


Being an Estate car, it is expected that there is lots of room for all manner of daily and more adventurous activities. The boot dwarfs large shopping bags, allowing you to fit your shopping and extra items such as pushchairs, wheelchairs and even a bike if you put the seats down! 

The boot privacy cover combined with the dark rear tinted windows means that potential thieves can't see the items which you are storing in your boot. 

Watch our Key Features video to learn more!

​We have created a video which covers the key features of the Suzuki SWACE hybrid.