Tips on choosing the right Motability car for you

The wide range of makes, models and adaptations offered on the Motability Scheme make it simple to find the ideal car. You can also count on the support and guidance of your nearest Green 4 team. All of our dealerships have a Motability Specialist on hand.

One important consideration is what you will mainly use the vehicle for. Hatchbacks and compact cars fit the bill for regular family journeys, as an example. Drivers who frequently take rougher rural roads may find that a 4x4, SUV or crossover model is more suited to the terrain.

Seat height, leg and headroom could be a higher priority for taller drivers, making a saloon or estate car more desirable. Similarly, wheelchair users will want the boot space to store their chair, along with increased cabin access.

As well as having a Motability car adapted, benefit from the features the manufacturer provides at your chosen equipment level. Functional aspects could include grip handles and a touchscreen in the cabin, or automatic headlights and windscreen wipers on the outside. Many models also give you the choice between a manual or automatic gearbox to partner the engine.

Family looking at Motability car

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