Mazda Update Trim Level Naming Across The Range

When Mazda released the CX-60 late last year, its specifications were revealed and differed from the trim level naming that the brand had previously been using (think of the SE-L to GT Sport names). This is when Mazda customers were first introduced to the Exclusive-Line, Homura and Takumi specifications. Since then, the brand have updated most of the models in the range for 2023, all of which have adopted the new trim level naming, aligning Mazda UK with Europe. For example, the 2023 MX-5, the 2023 CX-5, the newly announced 2023 Mazda3 and the latest edition of the Mazda2 join the CX-60 and MX-30 – but what do the new names really mean in terms of positioning in the lineup?

Prime-Line – Typically sits at the base of the lineup, the Prime-Line is an entry-level specification for models such as the 2024 Mazda3, the MX-30 or the updated MX-5. Prime Line is the new equivalent to what was previously the SE-L trim and still has a good level of equipment and technology which comes as standard.

Centre-Line – Despite its name, this trim level does not sit in the middle of the lineup but is actually the entry-level trim for some models (CX-5 and the 2023 Mazda2). Alternatively, the Centre-Line sits as the SE-L Lux equivalent, positioned as the 2nd trim level.

Exclusive-Line - Usually sat in the middle of a lineup, the Exclusive-Line demonstrates an enhanced standard of features. For the CX-60 however, the Exclusive-Line is the entry-level specification, showing that it is a class above other models with an outstanding tally of equipment as standard.

Homura – Japanese for the word “flame”, this is the brand’s equivalent to a “sporty” specification. Often slotted around the middle of a lineup, the Homura is usually equipped with black wheels and other black detailing, and a differing interior.

Takumi – The Takumi specification is usually the range-topping option, equipped with the best possible options and equipment that Mazda have to offer on the model. This is what was previously known as the GT Sport Tech.

However, to add another layer of complexity, some models have trim levels exclusive to their particular model line.

MX-5 Kizuna

Based on the Japanese translation of ‘enduring bonds’, the 132ps Roadster represents the long lasting relationship each driver has with this legendary 2-seater sports car whilst being limited to only 250 units in the UK. Similarly equipped to the Exclusive-Line trim, the Kizuna adds a premium blue soft cloth roof and white stone Nappa Leather interior and is only available in Machine grey or Deep Crystal Blue.

Mazda2 Homura Aka

Sitting at the top of the 2023 Mazda2 range, the Homura Aka adds to the Homura which in addition to the red and black highlights throughout the interior and exterior, features a black roof film, 16" Black Metallic Machined alloy wheels and sporty seats with red highlights trimmed in half black leather.

CX-5 Newground

This trim level is exclusive to the CX-5 and sits just above the Centre-Line in the range. It has stand-out features from the other models, such as additional silver side accents, as well as silver front & rear under garnishes which provide the car with a tough, all-purpose exterior. The front grille features a unique green styling accent, the theme continuing to the inside with black half-leatherette seats with green stitching, for a rugged look throughout.