The Mazda2 Hybrid Guide

Engine and Transmission

The Mazda2 Hybrid is the perfect option for those environmentally conscious as the new model provides drivers with the best of both petrol and electric worlds, without the need to ever use a charging cable. Thanks to the long-standing collaboration between the Mazda and Toyota brands, the Mazda2 Hybrid is based upon the successful Toyota Yaris and is a self-charging, full hybrid that combines a 1.5-litre 93PS petrol engine with a 59kW electric motor for a total power of 116 PS. Due to the car’s hybrid nature, this means that the Mazda2 Hybrid offers better fuel economy of between 70.6 to 74.3mpg, and zero tailpipe emissions when driving in EV mode.

Hybrid Technology

The Mazda2 Hybrid uses smart hybrid technology to switch between electric, petrol, or a mix of both fuel types to ensure you get optimal performance in all situations without having to change your lifestyle, schedule or driving habits. The Mazda2 Hybrid is a self-charging full hybrid, meaning it features technology that recaptures otherwise lost energy when the vehicle slows down which is then stored by the lithium-ion battery and used to drive the front wheels when circumstances allow, meaning you can drive further on a tank of fuel whilst also contributing to lower CO₂ emissions.

Trim Levels


The entry level specification comes with a range of standard features such as Apple Carplay and Android Auto, 7” touch screen infotainment display and automatic headlights.


The mid-spec adds a rear-view camera and a 6-speaker sound system, along with 15” alloy wheels and smart keyless entry. The optional Comfort Pack enhances the Agile spec, adding front sport seats, dual-zone climate control and a digital speedometer.


Topping the trim levels, the Style spec has attractive features, such as black wing mirrors and 16” alloy wheels. Inside, you'll be comfortable in the half leatherette sports style seats and the dual-zone climate control.

Different Drive Modes

The Mazda 2 Hybrid features four different driving modes which can be selected to suit the needs of the driver. Normal Mode provides an optimal balance of fuel economy, quietness, and dynamic performance - suitable for normal driving. Power Mode can be used for when extra power is needed by controlling the hybrid system to provide quick, powerful acceleration. Eco-Drive Mode helps the vehicle drive in the most eco-friendly manner, improving fuel economy by making the engine work in the most efficient manner. EV Mode puts the vehicle into full electric mode. EV mode is switched off when the vehicle speed exceeds approximately 31mph or when the acceleration demand is too high.

Paint Finish Colours

Due to being based on the Toyota Yaris, the Mazda2 Hybrid has an exciting new range of colour options that can be chosen.

Class Leading Safety

The Mazda2 Hybrid has class-leading safety and has been awarded with the maximum 5-star Euro-NCAP rating, performing impressively in all 4 test categories. The car is equipped with a full range of advanced and innovative safety technologies, such as pedestrian and cyclist detection; pre-collision braking; emergency steering assist; Dynamic Radar Cruise Control and much more. This means that you and your passengers can relax with confidence that your drive is safer than ever.

The Mazda 2 Hybrid is available to order now from Green 4 Motor Company. Experience it for yourself and book an extended test drive today!