Tow With Confidence: Your Mazda CX-60 Towing Guide​

Lawrence gives you a demonstration of the semi-electric tow bar on the Mazda CX-60 while answering some frequently asked questions which arise when towing with this vehicle.

The Mazda CX-60 will tow 2.5 tonnes, with a 100 KG nose weight capacity. Mazda Mi-Drive offers several intelligent drive models, including a dedicated mode for towing a trailer, bike rack or caravan.

Mazda CX-60 PHEV with roofbox and towbar fitted..

Mazda CX-60 Towing FAQ

  • What is the total towing capacity of the Mazda CX-60?
    The towing capacity for both the Diesel and the PHEV Mazda CX-60 is 2.5 tonnes
  • What average MPG can I expect while using the Mazda CX-60 to tow?
    As a dealer group, we have not tested towing with the Mazda CX-60. However, it is completely dependent on the weight, size and shape of what you are towing, combined with the type of driving and road conditions. We would advise that you look at the advertised average MPG for each engine type for the Mazda CX-60 and make your own calculation from there.
  • Do I have to manually attach the towbar?
    No, the Mazda CX-60 towbar is semi-electric. You simply press the tow bar release button which will emit several beeps, and the tow hook will pop up from under the car, you simply have to click it into place using your hand.
  • Where can I get a towbar for my Mazda CX-60?
    You can have a genuine semi-electric two bar supplied and fitted at Coventry, Leamington or Stourbridge Mazda.