Mazda MX-30 Specifications


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    Open Space The unique freestyle doors allow for easy access.
    Unique Alloy Wheels The 5 spoke alloy wheels will set you apart from others on the road.
    Distinctive LED Lights The LED lights are distinctively Mazda.


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      Mindful Materials The interior has been used with eco-friendly resources, for example the centre console has been created using responsibly sourced cork.
      Floating Console The centre console has been well thought out, with comfort and usability in mind.
      Quality Interior The interior feels premium throughout, with soft touch materials being used in at key touchpoints,


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        124 Miles Range The 35.5kWh battery allows for up to 124 miles range which is ideal for your daily driving needs.
        36 Minute 80% Rapid Charge at 50KW Rapid Charger The rapid charger is ideal for stops on long journeys. For at home Mazda have partnered with Shell NewMotion, Their
        home wall box chargers can charge the Mazda MX-30 from 0-100% in approximately 5 hours.
        8 Years* Battery Warranty Set any worries you may have about battery technology with a 8 year warranty.


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          7inch Colour Touch Screen Display In addition to the main infotainment screen, the MX-30 has a touchscreen display for you to control the climate control. Alternatively you can use the tactile buttons surrounding the touchscreen.
          Floating Infotainment Screen The infotainment system allows you to use the onboard navigation and music application. If you prefer, connect your mobile using Apple Car Play or Android Auto.
          Smart Brake Support, Road Keep Assist, Blind Spot Assist & Emergency Lane Keeping. Advanced safety systems help to enhance safe driving,
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