Suzuki Ignis Specifications


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    Rugged Appearance Unique headlights, black extended wheel arches*, and robust shoulders.
    Rear Privacy Glass Rear Privacy glass offers privacy for your rear passengers and luggage.
    LED Headlights and Daytime Runinng Lights LED headlights are ideal for improving safety as well as giving the car a distinctive look.


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      A interior which offers comfort Due to the ride height of the IGNIS, it is easy to slide into the drivers seat.
      Practical and Versatile Inside Thanks to the exterior design, the IGNIS has a high roof which allows for plenty of headroom.
      Colour of choice! You even have the extra option to choice which highlight colour you would like in the interior. *Extra Cost.


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        Petrol Powered 1.2L DualJet Hybrid Engine
        ALLGRIP 4 Wheel Drive If you are planning journeys in the winter or more challenging conditions then the 4 wheel drive all GRIP option is available. *2WD Ignis is standard.
        Automatic Transmission The Ignis is available with a CVT automatic gearbox.


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          Apple CarPlay & Android Auto With this feature you can connect your Apple or Android phone to the infotainment system and easily access all your favourite apps for music, audiobooks and navigation.
          Dual Camera Brake Support Two cameras recognise other vehicles and pedestrians allowing the car to take emergency action such as warning lights, light braking and more powerful braking.
          Lane Departure Warning When you have reached a 37mph and move out of your lane by accident, the steering wheel will vibrate to inform the driver.
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