The wait is over - the 22 Plate is here!

March is an exciting time for car lovers as the month marks the Spring release of new registration plates, meaning new cars on the road will be marked with “22” on their plates.

Every year, the first batch of registration plates to be released always takes the last 2 digits of the year we are currently in (hence March 2022 will be the 22 plate). In September, the 22 plate on new cars will be replaced by the 72 plate – the year plus 50. These 2 digits help to identify the age of the car by showing when the car was first registered. Therefore, many wait until March or September to purchase their new car so that they can have the latest plate.

Any car made after 2001 will have the current style of a standard registration plate. The first section is usually two letters, known as the “local memory tag” and defines the area the car was first registered in – for example, any car with the first 2 letters BA to BY will have been registered in the Birmingham region. The second part of the number plate is 2 digits which identifies when the car was first registered. These two digits will always be either the last two digits of the current year (i.e. – 2022, the digits are 22) or the year plus 50, depending on what time of year the car is registered. The third part of the registration plate is 3 randomly generated letters which are then allocated to different dealerships around the country.

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