VED Update

VED – Vehicle Excise Duty, otherwise known as Vehicle Tax - is set to increase, affecting the majority of those that own cars, vans and motorcycles. This measure was announced at the Autumn Budget 2021 and will come into force as of the 1st of April 2022.

VED rates depend on several factors such as the vehicle type, the amount of CO2 emissions and the age of the car. For some vehicles, you don’t have to pay any vehicle tax such as fully electric, plug-in vehicles and previously, small city cars, such as the Citroen C1, as they produce such little emissions that owners paid no tax on them. However, in 2017, the system changed meaning that all new cars from 2017 would have to pay VED unless you are the owner of a fully electric vehicle.

To find out more, such as how much you will be paying now, please visit the Government website:

Vehicle Excise Duty rates for cars, vans, and motorcycles from April 2022 - GOV.UK (